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Meet your local loan experts

The people working for you at Global Funding are New Mexicans. Our professionals have gotten to know people from all over the state and have helped them get financing in every county, from San Juan to Lea and from Hidalgo to Union.


Drake LeMaster, President

A lifelong resident of Albuquerque, Drake has owned and operated several successful companies during his business career since 1981. He graduated from Manzano High School before joining the United States Marine Corps, then the Marine Corps Reserves, before his honorable discharge as Corporal in 1985. Drake brings his years of leadership, mortgage financing know-how, and business experience to the table for every client of Global Funding. NMLS 294134


Gloria LeMaster, General Manager

A native of Albuquerque and graduate of Del Norte High School, Gloria has partnered with Drake in the operation of their companies since their inception. She has extensive experience in mortgage financing, property management, and local and federal mortgage compliance law. NMLS 280190


Maria Marez, Loan Officer

A native of Valencia, NM, Maria obtained her MBA in 1995 from New Mexico Highlands University. After working in Florida and Washington DC, she returned and started a family with her husband, a native of Santa Rosa, NM. Maria worked in her family’s water well drilling business before deciding to get into mortgage loans in 2008. Maria loves to help people save money by mentoring them about credit and fighting for the best loan rate. She reminds clients that she’s not an online lender they will never meet face-to-face, but a neighbor who truly cares about helping them maximize their finances. NMLS 309304


Rod Dominguez, Loan Officer/IT Manager

Having been in the computer and engineering business since the early 1980s, Rod is engaged in application development, networking, cloud computing, security and process development. He works diligently to effectively apply these skills to the mortgage origination environment. 


Tori Ros, Loan Officer

With more than ten years of experience working in mortgage and real estate transactions, Tori takes the time to listen and understand what her clients are trying to accomplish. Tori acts as a personal shopper for her mortgage clients, using her up-to-date knowledge about the latest options to find the perfect loan, whether her client is a first-time home buyer or a seasoned real estate investor. NMLS 1184943


Drake LeMaster Jr., Loan Officer

An Albuquerque native, Drake graduated from Manzano High School. Having worked for one of the largest payroll companies in the country, he has gained experience in working numbers with business owners. Drake is ambitious, a quick study, and has learned great discipline by earning a black belt in Taekwondo and a red belt in Combat Hapkido. Deciding to join his parents in the mortgage industry, Drake will be focused on marketing. NMLS 2216233


Isaiah Vaughn, Loan Officer

A New Mexico native, Isaiah has always had a passion for helping people, which led him to become a firefighter ten years ago. Isaiah has achieved much recognition in his career, including becoming the youngest-ever Captain in the Rio Rancho Fire Department. The schedule of a firefighter allows for Isaiah to work in helping people purchase a home. He enjoys the critical-thinking aspect of the job, finding excellent real estate loans for his clients. NMLS 2548989


Jenna Ruiz, Loan Processor

An Albuquerque native, Jenna graduated from DATA Charter High School before entering the hospitality industry, where she managed catering and sales. Detail oriented, Jenna smoothes the loan process by getting all the correct documentation from borrowers and keeping close contact with realtors and lenders.

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